• 1Goble's Fairy Tale Illustrations: 86 Full-Color Plates , Warwick Goble (2013)
    Readers of all ages will cherish this unique book and its splendid combination of art and literature. Eighty-six stunning images by a master of watercolor techniques depict scenes from Japanese… 2249 руб

  • 2Spanish Decorative Ironwork (2000)
    Over 300 outstanding illustrations— thoughtfully selected and excellently reproduced — depict ornate altar screens, doors, chandeliers, balcony railings, candelabra, tombstone crosses, pulpits… 1139 руб

  • 3Red Sorghum , Yan Mo (2003)
    Spanning three generations, this novel of family and myth is told through a series of flashbacks that depict events of staggering horror set against a landscape of gemlike beauty as the Chinese… 1079 руб

  • 4The Dreams In The Witch House&Other Stories , Lovecraft H.P. (2005)
    One of the masters of'weird fiction', H. P. Lovecraft expanded the vast boundaries of the horror genre with his vividly imagined stories of exotic and fantastical otherworlds, nightmarish dreamscapes… 1356 руб

  • 5Ten Short Stories (на английском языке) , Dahl Roald (2000)
    Penguin Student Editions have been specifically designed for readers who are studying a text in detaol. They include a helpful introduction and explanatory notes, character sketches, a text summary… 621 руб

  • 6Inside China , Cartier-Bresson Henri (2007)
    Exotic China has always attracted great photographers, and its history has yielded unforgettable scenes. Inside China unveils fascinating archival images rarely made public: Luminaries Henri… 3826 руб

  • 7Trotsky: A Graphic Biography , Rick Geary (2009)
    Trotsky was a hero to some, a ruthless demon to others. To Stalin, he was such a threat that he warranted murder by pickax. This polarizing figure set up a world conflict that lasted through the… 1163 руб

  • 8Lenin: A Biography , Robert Service (2010)
    Lenin is a colossal figure whose influence on twentieth-century history cannot be underestimated. Robert Service has written a calmly authoritative biography on this seemingly unknowable figure… 637 руб

  • 9Turn-of-the-century Viennese Patterns and Designs , Moser Koloman (1998)
    Stunning sourcebook of 60 full-page, royalty-free designs - 30 in full color and 30 in black-and-white - depict a marvelous selection of allover, subtly colored patterns for textiles, wallpaper… 1083 руб

  • 10Full Colour Medieval Ornaments (+ CD-ROM) (2003)
    Selected from 19th-century reprints of medieval manuscripts, 355 full-color illustrations depict a wide range of subjects - from birds, florals, animals, and geometrics to letters of the alphabet… 1697 руб